G etting “Too Good at Goodbyes” To Extra Fat: The Sam Smith Weight Loss Plan

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Sam Smith Weight Loss Plan

Well, the wait is over because we finally found out what diet and exercise habits this grammy winner singer followed and lost a stone in 2 weeks!. The secret lies in the diet book that Sam Smith recommends written by Amelia Freer named “Eat. Nourish. Glow”. Let’s dive into the key tips and tricks she has talked about in this book so you can start your diet mission here. By the end, you be well aware of Sam Smith’s healthy eating habits, to incorporate them in your life.

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1. Don’t Go Hard Core on Day One, Take Baby Steps Instead

Amelia Freer advises readers to small steps instead of big unsustainable steps. We couldn’t agree more. Indeed, slow and steady does win the race. Sam Smith had been struggling to lose weight for the past 2 years before his transformation. The best weight loss plan is one that you can maintain in the long term. Ask yourself, can you do the keto diet forever? The answer is probably no. The author says it's best to give up unhealthy eating habits one at a time. What would you give up first? Desserts, pasta, or soft drinks?

4. The Right Supplements Can Help

The author also tells the readers to never replace food with supplements. But she also says that some supplements canactually give you the boost you need to find out why your not losing weight and attain optimum health. The spiritual leaders known as ‘Swamis’ from the Raika tribe in Rajasthan, India helped create a perfect blend of herbs to treat diabetes. After a detailed study of the mix of natural herbs used by Swamis to treat high blood sugar, and stabilize weight, GlucoFlow was created. When you consume the capsules filled with natural herbs to lose weight, it will stabilize your blood sugar level and treat diabetes too. You’ll also feel younger, more energized, and be able to lose weight fast. Just like Sam Smith.

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