D oing Everything to Lose Weight but The Scale Won’t Go Down?

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“Why can’t I lose weight?”

That’s a question 9/10 people trying to lose weight ask themselves. Despite working out every day, eating the right food, and trying your best to get rid of junk food addiction, you still don’t lose weight. What more can you do? Perhaps you’re not eating enough protein, which can reduce strength and muscle. Given that protein is the main building block for muscle, not eating enough of it can prevent you from achieving the lean body you’ve long aspired for. Or maybe you’re not going to the gym and burning calories. This requires motivation and dedication. If you’re not consistent with workouts, it’ll most likely have no benefits for you. All that hard work will go to waste. Even if you’re going to the gym, maybe you’re not tracking your calories the right way. If you are eating too much after workouts, you’re most probably not creating a calorie deficit. Which means losing weight won’t be easy. Read ahead to find out how to lose fat faster or click here to learn how Sam Smith got fit again.

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The Bottom Line

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